Licensing and Safety Information

Licensing and Safety Information

- Some of the Polaris Slingshot Units are 5-Speed Manual Shift and Require the Primary Registered Driver to Operate a Manual 5-Speed Shift.

- We do have Auto-Drive Automatic Polaris Slingshot Units in Stock for Easier and a More Comfortable Driving Experience for those wishing to relax their legs and not have to operate a Straight Drive Manual Transmission.

What is Required to Rent and What to Bring to the Registration Rental Counter

- A Valid International or United States Issued Valid Drivers License Required to Rent.

- A Valid Credit Card in the Primary Registered Drivers First and Last Name

- No M1-Motorcycle License Required to Drive or Ride any of the Units in South Carolina.

- No Helmet Required in South Carolina but are Highly Encourage to Use and Bring Along If You Have One.

- North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia Require Helmets.

- While We Want Everyone to Have a Great Time, We Encourage  Minors to the Age of 17 Have A DOT Approved Helmet and Be Seat Belted in at All Times.

- Helmets and eye protection are always required to be worn when the vehicle is being operated.

- Closed-toe shoes are highly recommended for a safe, comfortable ride.

​- A Slingshot Is A Three-wheeled Motorcycle.

- It Is Not An Automobile.

- It Does Not Have Airbags.

- It Does Not Meet Automotive Safety Standards.

- Three Wheel Vehicles May Handle Differently Than Other Vehicles, Especially In Wet Conditions.

- Always Fasten Seat Belts.

- Do Not Drink and/or Drive Under the Influence of Any Controlled Substance.

Adult Passengers and Minors through Age 17
All Passengers must adhere to the following requirements.

- All Passengers must have the ability to place both feet firmly and flat on the floor-board below and in front of the seat.
- All Passengers must be able to be securely fastened in the passenger seat with a seat-belt
- No Child Car Seats Allowed in the Passenger Seat.
- Minors through Age 17 are encouraged to wear a DOT helmet at all times while the vehicle is in motion.
- Minors must be accompanied by and Adult Guardian or Caretaker while the vehicle is out on rental.

For your convenience - We have a full line of helmets for sale and the kit includes the following:

$65.00 per Helmet Kit.
(1) Matte Black DOT Half Helmet with Strap Lock
- The Helmets Run a Bit Small and Will Fit Most Teens through Adults.

If you decide to make the helmet purchase, We then deduct the purchase from your Security Deposit at the end of your Rental Session.