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Licensing and Safety Information

Licensing and Safety Information

- Some of the Polaris Slingshot Units are 5-Speed Manual Shift and Require the Primary Registered Driver to Operate a Manual 5-Speed Shift.

- We do have Auto-Drive Automatic Polaris Slingshot Units in Stock for Easier and a More Comfortable Driving Experience for those wishing to relax their legs and not have to operate a Straight Drive Manual Transmission.

What is Required to Rent and What to Bring to the Registration Rental Counter

- A Valid International or United States Issued Valid Drivers License Required to Rent.

- A Valid Credit Card in the Primary Registered Drivers First and Last Name

- No M1-Motorcycle License Required to Drive or Ride any of the Units in South Carolina.

- No Helmet Required in South Carolina but are Highly Encourage to Use and Bring Along If You Have One.

- North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia Require Helmets.

- While We Want Everyone to Have a Great Time, We Encourage  Minors to the Age of 17 Have A DOT Approved Helmet and Be Seat Belted in at All Times.

- Helmets and eye protection are always required to be worn when the vehicle is being operated.

- Closed-toe shoes are highly recommended for a safe, comfortable ride.

​- A Slingshot Is A Three-wheeled Motorcycle.

- It Is Not An Automobile.

- It Does Not Have Airbags.

- It Does Not Meet Automotive Safety Standards.

- Three Wheel Vehicles May Handle Differently Than Other Vehicles, Especially In Wet Conditions.

- Always Fasten Seat Belts.

- Do Not Drink and/or Drive Under the Influence of Any Controlled Substance.

Adult Passengers and Minors through Age 17
All Passengers must adhere to the following requirements.

- All Passengers must have the ability to place both feet firmly and flat on the floor-board below and in front of the seat.
- All Passengers must be able to be securely fastened in the passenger seat with a seat-belt
- No Child Car Seats Allowed in the Passenger Seat.
- Minors through Age 17 are encouraged to wear a DOT helmet at all times while the vehicle is in motion.
- Minors must be accompanied by and Adult Guardian or Caretaker while the vehicle is out on rental.

For your convenience - We have a full line of helmets for sale and the kit includes the following:

$65.00 per Helmet Kit.
(1) Matte Black DOT Half Helmet with Strap Lock
- The Helmets Run a Bit Small and Will Fit Most Teens through Adults.

If you decide to make the helmet purchase, We then deduct the purchase from your $400.00 Security Deposit at the end of your Rental Session.