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Insurance Information

Rental Insurance Coverage Information:

F3 Rentals has Partnered with MBA Insurance Company to provide additional Powersport Vehicle Insurance Coverage

MBA Insurance Company adds additional insurance coverage to all Rentals provided by F3 Rentals for the duration of the rental from 4 hours to 7 days.

Primary Registered and Insured Drivers Must Be 21 Years of Age and Older to purchase insurance coverage at the Time and Day of Departure.

This is a Mandatory Requirement to purchase insurance to maintain proper coverage prior to departure of the rental unit in South Carolina.
The Insurance is Mandatory on each unit rented to each primary Registered Driver.

By purchasing this insurance addendum, MBA Insurance Company (the insurer) extends coverage to you (the renter) from our policy.
Please Contact Our Office at (864) 900-2550 for Additional Questions about the Insurance Program.

 Mandatory Insurance Addendum
- Premium $0,000 USD
- Daily Rate for up to 24 hours $15.00
- (1) Primary Registered Driver per Paid Policy

Coverage Summary

1) South Carolina State Statutory Limits of Liability

2) Uninsured and/or Underinsured Motorists

3) Medical Payments or Personal Injury Protection as required by state law.

4) The rental vehicle may also be insured for Comprehensive and Collision coverage with a per occurrence deductible if you choose this additional coverage.

5) When submitting the following information (at the rental counter / pick up station)

6) You agree to the terms and conditions of the insurance addendum.

7) No coverage will be provided until our insurance agency has received this information.

8) You will be able to print your insurance addendum once your information has been verified and accepted.

9) You are being added "As-Insured" to our insurance policy for State Statutory Limits of Liability.

10) The State Statutory Limits are the minimum limits required by any applicable compulsory or financial responsibility law (state minimums).

11) Comprehensive and Collision coverage will be provided for the vehicle.

12) An Insurance deductible for the amounts between $0.00 and $0.00 applies for any and all occurrences while rental unit is in the renters possession.

 Personal Accident Insurance
- Premium $0,000 USD
- Daily Rate for up to 24 hours $0.00
- (1) Primary Registered Driver per Paid Policy

Coverage Summary

1) Personal Accident Insurance provides 24-hour accident protection to the primary renter and their immediate family for a death while traveling in / on the rented vehicle during the entire period of the Rental Contract Agreement.

2) Passengers are protected only while in, boarding or alighting from designated vehicle.

3) Personal Effects Insurance provides limited coverage for your personal belongings from loss or damage caused by theft of, damage to, or accident involving your rented vehicle.

4) Personal Effects Coverage provides reimbursement for the actual cash value of the items subject to certain maximum, deductibles, limitations and exclusions.


Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)
- Premium $0,000 USD
- Daily Rate for up to 24 hours $0.00 USD
- (1) Primary Registered Driver per Paid Policy

Coverage Summary

1) It is recommended that you purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI).

2) Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) is additional liability insurance over and above the state statutory limit.

3) Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) provides You with up to $0,000 USD total excess liability for damage to other persons and includes $0,000.00 USD excess liability for damage to other property.