Damage Waiver Info and Requirements

***Please Be Mindful that all the Identifying Information on the Primary Registered Driver has to be aligned and match as follows:

First Name, Last Name and Address have to match.

- If the information does not match upon ordering the units online or upon arrival to the rental counter. We reserve the right to cancel and refund the reservation with or without notice.

- We want everyone to be eligible to drive the units, but we want the registered driver to have the proper information aligned as well.

Must Have a Valid State License that shows your:
-- First Name, Last Name and Current Address

Must Have a Valid and Current Full Coverage State Insurance Card or Mobile App that shows your:
-- First Name, Last Name and Insured Vehicle - Year, Make and Model along with an Address that Matches your Drivers License.

A Major Credit Card or Debit Card to Provide and Secure the Deposit Collected at the Rental Counter on the Day of the Pickup.

See The Rental Rates and Deposit Info Page Here

- Primary Registered Driver's First and Last Name Have to Appear on the Card.
(No Prepaid Cards such as Reload, Chime.com, GreenDot, Walmart Type)

We Accept Deposits via a Debit Card for $400.00, $750.00 and $1,500.00
See The Rental Rates and Deposit Info Page Here

Standard Non-Holiday Week/Weekend Damage Waiver Pricing
Please Be Aware that a Standard Non-Holiday Week/Weekend for Non-Refundable $35.00 Damage Waiver Fee will be Deducted from the Security Deposit at the end of the Rental Session and the Difference will be Refunded back to your payment card within 24 to 48 hours.


Primary Registered Driver Must be 21 Years of Age and Older
-- Secondary Registered Driver Must be 21 Years of Age and Older to Operate the Polaris Slingshot and 25 Years of Age or Older to Operate the Highline Cars (2020 C8 Corvette)
-- The Primary and Secondary Registered Drivers Must Carry be Insured with Personal or Commercial State Minimum Liability and/or Comprehensive Coverage by a Major USA Insurance Carrier.

If Reserving a 5-Speed Polaris Slingshot
- All Registered Drivers Must Have Experience Driving and 
Controlling the 5-Speed Manual Shift Units.

- We also have the new 2020 Auto-Drive Automatic Slingshots

License Requirements
- No M-1 Motorcycle Endorsement / License Required
- A Learners/Beginners Permit are Not Valid and will not be accepted as a form of license to rent.
- A Government Issued ID Showing a Valid Drivers License to Operate a Vehicle is Required to Rent.

Helmet Law
- Helmets Are Always Encouraged While Operating an Auto-Cycle Vehicle.
- No Helmet Required in South Carolina.
- Helmets Are Required In: Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee
- Helmets Are Highly Encourage to Wear for Ages 17 and Under.

- Because of Hygiene Concerns caused by COVID-19
- We do not provide or rent helmets any longer.
- We do have New Kits with Half Helmets, Snap-On Visor and Driving Glasses in the Showroom for $65.00.